Construction and Supervision BTS – Silom Extension Line (S6, S7, S8)

Construction and Supervision Bangkok Mass Transit –Silom Extension Line, Phase. (Elevated Viaduct only) Bangkok
(Prasri-Charoen Elevated Road way Section2 Modify Structure for BTS)

The project starts from the existing station S6 (Paphan Taksin) of Bangkok Transit System (BTS) and end at Phetkasem Road. The 1,383 million baht contract to build a 6.8 km. length Of elevated viaduct including the bridge crossing Chao Phraya River was launched from November 2000.

On land single viaduct with 36 m. typical span Length shored up by single reinforced concrete Pier and one 1.80 m. diameter bored pile. The Main span of bridge cross over Chao Phraya River 92 m. while two side spans are 66 m. and Back spans on Thonburi side are 45 m.

Construction Supervision of BTS Extention Silom (S7-S8)

Construction Supervision of the two – BTS Stations:

  • Charoen Nokhon Station (S7)
  • Wong Wian Yai Station (S8)

The work include civil work, structural work, track work and building service system

  • Approval of Detailed Design
  • Verify Construction Drawings
  • Project Scheduling Control
  • Quality Control
  • Contract Administration

Project Value: 1,033 M.Baht
Client: Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
Project period: 2006-2007