Engagement of Consultants for Management of MRT

Engagement of Consultants for Management of Mass Transit Rail System Project and During Construction Phase, Bangkok Thailand

Project Period: 2008-2009
Client: Office of Trans


port and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP)


  • Study and Recommend an Overall Integrated Management for MRT System.
  • Recommendation of Private Sector’s Participation in MRT Projects and Government’s Role.
  • Revision MRT Assessment Standardization.
  • Study on Related Regulations and Laws on Management of Mass Transit System Investing and Developing Surrounding Business Areas.
  • Study and Analysis of the Management in case of having Multi-Operator.
  • Study and Recommend the Quality of Services Measurement Determination Criteria for MRT System.
  • Approach for an Integration of MRT System with Other Public Transportation Modes
  • Proposed the Station Accessibility Development of Airport Rail Link Project and Red line Rail System Project Bang Sue-Talingsan.
  • Study the Loss of Economical Opportunity due to Delay in MRT Project Construction.
  • Preparation of Project Master Schedule and Coordination Plan.
  • Project Monitor Program, Traffic Analysis and Management during Construction of the SRT Red line Project Bang Sue-Talingsan and the MRTA Purple Line Project Bang Yai-Bang Sue.
  • In-House Technical Arms of OTP.