Our Approach

Was established since 1996, form a group of expertised engineer including University professor with doctorate degree from UC. Berkley, USA.

Our Story

With more than 20 years of experience, our experienced multidisciplinary team work has offered the excellent services of diversifying need for our clients
We are poised to compete in the new millennium of globalization of trade and technology, to serve the diversifying needs with high quality and effective cost.

Our Service

Nowadays, our service has expanded into various fields as follows.
Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering
Railway Engineering, Bridge Structure Engineering
Tunnel and Underground Engineering , Highway Engineering
Survey Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering
Marine/Port Engineering


MRTA Purple Line

Project Cost: 66,820 Million Baht

Scope of Works: Detailed Design for  tract structure. Detailed Design for stations


Prachuap Wharf Project

Project Cost: 855 Million Baht

Design and Construction Supervision of Prachuap Wharf Project (Western Wharf and Additional Wharf)


MRTA Blue Line

Project Cost: 10,028.6 Million Baht

Construction Supervision Consultant, is about 2.6 km underground structure with 2 station and 1 intervention shaft.

Company Profile

We aspire to ensure excellence service quality met with international standard and quality assurance system.